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We donate much needed hair replacement and styling services to women undergoing treatment for cancer.

How It Works

We have a simple 1, 2, 3 process to get your wig. Follow the steps below to get started today!!!

Step 1: Find Your Local Salon

Use our official FABYS map below to locate your local and/or closest salon in your area. We provide free wigs through various salons across the world, identifying the salon nearest to you is your first step to receive your wig. Should you not find a salon that is close to you, you can contact our headquarters at

Step 2: Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation at your local salon and discuss what you are looking for in a wig. We know you love hair but it’s important to know what type of wig you are looking for. You will also need a copy of your diagnosis and a copy of your photo ID for submission to the approval process.

Step 3: Ordering and Receiving Your Wig

Once you've found the closest salon in your area and have met with them for the consultation, they will contact FABYS with the exact style and order information. As soon as your wig arrives, you will have a second appointment for a fitting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are great. We've listed the most common questions people have when requesting a wig.

What is the process?

The process of getting a wig is simple. Find a participating salon on our map, and contact us at to set up a consultation appointment.

Will I receive my wig the same day as my consultation?

If your hair loss has begun and you are ready to wear the wig at this time, you may leave the salon with it, if it is in stock.

Can I wear the wig on top of my natural hair?

We always recommend shaving any remaining hair before wearing your wig. We like to make this an uplifting experience for our guests; with that being said not only are you ensuring the wig will fit properly, you are taking control by doing this!

How do I pick a wig?

At the time of your consultation appointment, we ask that you bring a photo of yourself before the start of your hair loss, or a photo of what you would like your wig to look like. Leave the rest up to us and we will be sure to find the perfect wig for you!

How much does it cost?

Receiving a wig from us or any participating FABYS salon’s is completely free! The only thing we ask for is a copy of a diagnosis letter for our records.