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Do you want to help a child in need? We grant wishes to young children and kids undergoing treatment for cancer.

How It Works

We have a simple 1, 2, 3 process to get your wish granted. Follow the steps below to get started today!!!

Step 1: Define & Clarify Your Wish

It’s important to have a very clear idea of your wish. Write your wish down, dream big and get all the details figured out. Doing this will help us during our approval process because we truly enjoy granting wishes to our community.

Step 2: Complete Our Online Form Below

At the bottom of this page we have a form that you can complete to start the “Submit A Wish” process. Be sure to fill out all the information listed below and be as clear as possible about your wish.

Step 3: Start The Process & Get Approved

After completion of our form below somebody from our team will process your request. We receive a lot of wishes, so we may be unable to reply to ever request submitted. But we do save every wish and we’ll communicate via email or telephone if and when you're approved.

Wishes We've Granted

We love to grant wishes! Here are a couple of people we've granted wishes for recently.

A very special thank you to Mary Gabrielli for opening up her home and allowing Julian to live the rest of his life with Prince, Princess, Mom, Dad, Brother, Family, and Friends!! #wishgranted

Logan, you had more strength and courage than anyone I have ever seen or met fighting the fight. Your mom, dad, and sister are all to be commended.

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More People We've Helped

1 Heart

We love to help people! Below we’ve listed a couple of people that we have helped recently. Contact Us to get your photos featured under people we've helped.

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Please complete our official form below and somebody from our team will process your request. We truly appricate your support, we look forward to your future!

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