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We donate much needed hair replacement and styling services to women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Feature Salons

Our feature salons are actively involved in providing wigs to women undergroing treatment.

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How It Works

We have a simple 1, 2, 3 process to get your wig. Follow the steps below to get started today!!!

Step 1: Know What You Need

We know you love hair but it’s important to know what type of wig you are looking for. Write your wig along with any specific information. Doing this will help us during our approval process because we want you to live a dream and have the time of your life!

Step 2: Find Your Local Salon

After you know what you want, use our official FABYS map above to locate your local and/or closet salon in you area. We provide Free wigs through various salons across the world, identifying the salon is your second step to receive your wig.

Step 3: Contact Salon to Get Your Wig

Once you've found the closest salon in your area contact them and let them know that you're looking to get a free wig through Friends Are By Your Side (FABYS). After that the salon handle matters accordingly.

Wigs We've Given Out

We love to give out wigs! Here are a couple of people we've given wigs to recently.

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More People We've Helped

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We love to help people! Below we’ve listed a couple of people that we have helped recently. Contact Us to get your photos featured under people we've helped.

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