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We would love to provide free wigs for every request. We need your help to provide wigs to women across the globe.

Hot Heads Extensions
SHAIRING Initiative from Hotheads Hair Extensions

Hotheads Hair Extensions is proud to announce Hair With A Voice’s SHAIRING Initiative, a progressive hair donation program that offers charitable contributions through the proceeds from the sales of hair. This Initiative ensures that donations of hair directly benefit Friends Are By Your Side, a program started by Martino Cartier to grant Wigs & Wishes to women and children undergoing cancer treatment.

How It Works

We have a simple process to donate hair. Follow the steps below to help women across the!!!

Step 1

Clean, shampoo and/or condition hair without any styling products.

Step 2

After establishing your client’s parting preference, create 4 vertical sections (2 on each side of the head, from the ears forward, and 2 sections in the back).

Step 3

Create 4 tight braids with elastic bands. This enhanced sectioning will allow you to preserve more of the client’s natural length after donation. It will also maximize the amount of hair being donated.

Step 4

Place an additional elastic band about 1” from the ends of the hair.

Step 5

Ensure that the braids are just below where you would like the hair cut.

Step 6

Measure the length of the braids from band to band (minimum length is 12”).

Step 7

Cut the hair above the elastic band at the nape so that the band remains intact after cutting to keep the hair together.

Step 8

Place the braid (tied at both ends) inside a resealable bag, and seal tightly.

Step 9

Place the bag inside a padded envelope and send to: Martino Cartier Salon 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Road Sewell, NJ 08080

Step 10

If you would like to know when your donation is received, please include your full name and email address in your SHAIRING donation.

Step 11

Sign up for Friends Are By Your Side to see how your salon can get involved.

Acceptable Donations:

Friends Are By Your Side gladly accepts all kinds of hair from donors, so long as the below guidelines are adhered to.

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